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Past Projects

Product Monitoring --

  One of our prominent clients sells a high volume of products online, which requires them know when a product error occurs as quickly as possible. To help resolve these issues, Gaspar Technology Consulting:

  • Scrapes the client’s eCommerce site for product information using a custom Scrapy spider.

  • Creates custom software in Python to sort and analyze product data.

  • Designs a custom report with the client.

  • Provides the results to the client’s personnel on a regular basis.

Report Changes and Manipulation --

  Another client was receiving inefficient sales reports for their businesses processes. While the information was there, it was difficult to extract the data, make necessary calculations, and reformat it in a useful way.  To help resolve these issues, Gaspar Technology Consulting:

  • Creates custom programs in C++ to perform essential calculations and reformatting.

  • Works closely with the client during testing to ensure accurate data.

  • Develops more report options to provide the client with new uses for the information.

Website Development and Maintenance -- 

   Another client had an existing website but needed to provide their customers with an eCommerce solution that was separate from the original but shared many of the same attributes. To resolve these issues, Gaspar Technology Consulting:

  • Updates their existing WordPress website.

  • Creates a new, companion sales website using WooCommerce that matches their original theme and site.

  • Sets up dependable backups and security for both sites.

  • Configures the eCommerce site to use Stripe and TaxJar for online payments.

  • Connects the client’s site to their shipping partner using ShipStation.

  • Continues to maintain the site – which has successfully sold products for over a year.

Custom Web Applications --

    We are partnered with a client who has dynamic data that they want to analyze and manipulate online.  To help with these issues Gaspar Technology Consulting decided that the best course of action would be for them to have a web based application, where they could log in and see the information they needed and create reports from there.  Here is a list of how we solve these issues:

  • Create a web application using Django to customize the website as desired. 

  • Set up the application with a database back-end using PostgreSQL.

  • Secure the site with standard login/password functionality.

  • Continue monitoring and support of the backend.

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